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1.Q- How to contact technical support?
1.A- By sending email to or filling the Support Form (preferred).

2.Q- I'm installing GoalEnforcer and it asks for registration.
How do I proceed?

2.A- Enter the registration info you received by email after you placed your order.

3.Q- I lost my registration, what should I do?
3.Q- Please contact tech support (see above) and we should be able to help you.

4.Q- What's GoalEnforcer?
4.A- It's a graphical and very intuitive software that helps you make a plan for your tasks and achieve your goals.

5.Q- Where can I obtain support documentation?
5.A- There is an intuitive and comprehensive online help with everything you might need. Just click on the question mark at the task bar once you start the GoalEnforcer software.

6.Q- Who is GoalEnforcer designed for?
6.A- Humans! All ages, all professions. It's a very intuitive and truly graphical software designed to provide the user with a pleasurable experience and maximum achievement.

7.Q- I'm a home user. What can I do with GoalEnforcer?
7.A-Every time you set a project, and define your tasks, you will be happy to have GoalEnforcer working for you. For example, you can use it for a House Remodeling Project, House Cleaning Plan, Party Planning, Diet Plan, Financial Plan, Study Plan, Loose Weight Plan, Trip Plannnig, Wood Work Projects, Garden Projects, Read More Books Plan, New Year's Resolution, Building a House, Sports Planning and so on ...

8.Q-I'm a student. How can GoalEnforcer help me?
8.A-GoalEnforcer is great for students! You can use it to brainstorm and organize ideas and tasks for all your school projects. It will also help you keep track of all your due dates and progress.

9.Q-What can GoalEnforcer do for my business?
9.A-GoalEnforcer is simply fantastic for businesses! It's good for the employers and it's good for the employees. It's a win-win deal. How? Nice, easy and efficient elaboration of task plans by both top-down and bottom-up design approaches as well as efficient communication by the generation of simple and neat progress reports that can be emailed directly from the application.

10.Q-What kind of file format can be generated by GoalEnforcer?
10.A-GoalEnforcer can generate reports in HTML, XML, CVS (comma separated values, for spreadsheets) and plain Text formats.

11.Q-Can I upload my report to my website?
11.A- Yes! GoalEnforcer has built-in FTP. You'll just need to enter the path, username and password to your own web server.

12.Q-Can I email my reports directly from GoalEnforcer?
12.A-Oh yeah! GoalEnforcer has also a built-in email utility from where you can email your report with a click of a button! You can send it to an individual recipient or a list.

13.Q-Can GoalEnforcer run from from a USB flash drive (USB key)?
13.A-Yes, just make sure you install the full version on a USB drive. Do so by selecting  the USB drive as the GoalEnforcer destination location when installing the software.

14.Q-How long should it take to get my registration and download link?
14.A-A few minutes after your complete your order. If you don't get your registration email after 1 hour, please contact Tech Support.
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