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How to Remove Goals from the Hyperfocus Zone

Hyperfocus Zone

There are a few ways to remove items from the Hyperfocus Zone.

Hyperfocus Functionality

The basic purpose of the Hyperfocus Zone is to create a separate space where you can focus on the goals that matter "now," things that you are going to accomplish "next."

Method # 1: Accomplish and Remove!

This is what the Hyperfocus Zone is for: you add goals to the Hyperfocus Zone, accomplish them, remove them from the Hyperfocus Zone and bring new ones in.

Method #1 (cont):

Click the "Recycle Hyperfocus Zone" button. This should bring you a menu. Select "Remove Done." When you do this, only the items that have been accomplished will be removed from the Hyperfocus Zone, leaving more space for new items!

Method #2: Remove Single Item

OK, you've made a mistake and added a goal to the Hyperfocus Zone, which wasn't supposed to be there. Or maybe you added a goal to the Hyperfocus Zone, but changed your mind and decided to work on it later. So, how do you remove this goal (that hasn't been accomplished) from the Hyperfocus Zone?
Simple: select the goal by clicking on it, and then click the "Remove Goal from the Hyperfocus Zone" button.

Method #3: Remove Everything

OK, you are on a bad mood and want to remove ALL goals from the Hyperfocus Zone, no matter if they have been accomplished or not. Just click the "Recycle Hyperfocus Zone" button as in method #1, but this time select the "Remove All" choice.