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How to Create Recurrent Goals (Recurrent Clones)

Recurrent Clones

You might have a goal that occurs more than once, repeating itself on a daily basis, monthly basis, etc...
You can use recurrent clones to represent these goals (like "going to the gym").

Select the Goal by Clicking on it

It should show a thin white ring around it.

Click the Clone Button

Select "Recurrent"

Recurrent Cloning Window

Once the "Recurrent Cloning" window opens up you can select the "Frequency" and the "Number of Recurrent Copies" you want to generate.
For example, if you select "Every 1 day" for frequency and "30" for the Number of recurrent Copies, it will generate 30 copies of your goal (same goal name), spaced by 1 day apart.
*Note: you have to initialize your goal with a Due Date (and/or Start Date) before generating the recurrent clones, otherwise all your clones will have blank dates.