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How to Add Goals to the Hyperfocus Zone

Select a Goal

Select a goal by clicking on it with the left mouse button. For this example we've clicked on "Arrange Meeting."

Add to Hyperfocus Zone

Click the "Add to Hyperfocus Zone" button on the toolbar.

Goal has been Added to the Hyperfocus Zone

Notice that the goal (circle) now shows a "focus" tag on its upper left corner.

View the Hyperfocus Zone

Click the "Hyperfocus Zone" on the toolbar.

Hyperfocus Zone

You've been transferred to the Hyperfocus Zone. See that your goal now co-exists in two locations: its original location and the Hyperfocus Zone. Whatever you do to your goal in the Hyperfocus Zone affects your goal in its original location, because they are actually the same!

Back to the Main Goal Map

Click the "Hyperfocus Zone" button again and it should take you back to the main Goal Map. (notice that it says "Focus On" when the Hyperfocus Zone is active).